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In the Land of San Gorgone the countryside is generous and rich, the soil is ideal for the production of high quality wine and oil.

We then put it down to hard work, passion, patience and even a touch of fortune...with Saint Gorgone's protection because, as the saying goes in the hamlet of Sant'Ellero: "If it rains on Saint Gorgone's Day (6th September) the harvest will be grand!"

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil extracted in Italy from olives cultivated in Italy.

Origin: the area where the extra virgin olive oil of San Gorgone is produced is the esteemed area of Reggello - Florence.

Pressing: cold.

Varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino.

Organoleptic characteristics: colour: bright green. Scent: very fruity, with remarkable fragrance of herbs. Structure: round and harmonic, perfect structure and balance together with low acid values. Taste: presents a pleasant spicy final note, notes of thistle, artichoke and herbs.